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Budapest Attractions

These attractions are buildings and landmarks that you simple need to see, because they are stunning. 

St. Stephens Basilica
We have always been big fans of the St. Stephens Basilica. It has a beautiful exterior and interior. From the square outside the church it is possible to make magnificent pictures, from the dome you can enjoy the best view available on the Pest side, and inside you can enjoy the mixture of prayer, organ music and beautiful paintings, sculptures and much more! St. Stephens Basilica is in our eyes the most beautiful church in all of Budapest! Majestic both on the inside and the outside.

Hungarian Parliament
The Hungarian Parliament might be the most impressive of all buildings in Budapest. It is located by the Danube and it reminds quite a lot about the Parliament in London. As you watch the building from the outside you will be extremely impressed, but do not make the mistake to think that you have seen it once your bus or taxi has driven next to it during daytime. It is when the lights are turned on in the evening it turns into one of the most beautiful buildings Europe has to offer. One of the nicest Parliament buildings in the world can be found in Budapest

Heroes Square
If you want an introduction to the history of Hungary, bring a guide book or a guide with you to the Heroes Square. The square is beautiful both during daytime and nighttime, but be aware of the fact that in the hottest months it is hard to be out on the square for more than 5-10 minutes. The monuments and the statues at the square are delightful, and the two wonderful museums at both sides of the square just gives a plus to it all. The best place to get an introduction to the history of Hungary, the Heroes Square 

Chain Bridge
If you buy a postcard from Budapest, it is very possible that the Chain Bridge is the landmark you will see on it. The bridge is first of all a favorite object to photograph when it is illuminated in the evening, and it is also the oldest bridge connecting Pest with Buda. Beautiful, and almost impossible to miss out on when in Budapest. 

Castle Hill
We realize that the Castle Hill in fact is a hill and not one attraction, so it is kind of tricky. However, as we write the Castle Hill as an attraction it includes the castle building itself, but also the Matthias Church and the Fishermens Bastion. The Matthias Church is beautiful, and its location next to the Fishermens Bastion is perfect. 

Philosopher’s Garden
This attraction is closer than you think; it is located on the other, not too-visited side of the Gellért Hill. The approach is easier than it sounds like, you just need to go to Pest bridgehead of the Elisabeth Bridge, where you can find a bus stop (8,112) and go one station with it to Sánc Street. From here you need to walk a little on the street with the same name as the bus stop and the Philosopher’s Garden is immediately on the left side. The little green place got its name from the statue group, which image the world’s most famous philosophers in one circle. Visitor could meet with the statue of Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed, and Gandhi too. Besides this we can’t forget the fantastic panorama which shows the whole capital. 

This is a huge and beautiful place on the Buda side. The approach is not complicated neither, you just need to go with the bus 21 or 21A from Széll Kálmán Square, exactly from Várfok Street. Be careful, the 21’s bus final station is not the destination that you are looking for, check the station list. From the Normafa station it is just half minute and you suddenly see the panorama of the capital from Buda perspective. There is everything here: buffet, strudel, kindergarten, nature and peace. 

Feneketlen Lake
This artificial lake located a little bit out of the center, but it is still easy to get here, because it is just five minute walk or one stop with tram 61 from Móricz Zsigmond Square. You can walk around the little lake, lie down on the grass, there are duck food machines and the most important: green is around you. Moreover there is a great restaurant near to the Feneketlen Lake, the Hemingway Restaurant. Besides this there is a fantastic kindergarten next to Feneketlen Lake. 

János Hill Lookout Tower
The János Hill Viewpoint is for those who like hiking. The easiest way to reach the János Hill Viewpoint is from Normafa by foot with the help of hiking signs; you can read about these more on the external tables. If you reach the little bit sweaty but beautiful trip’s destination, you just need to climb stairs to see the breathtaking view. You can see everything from this place! Of course there is a buffet here too, so you can have a little rest and a drink after the “mountaineering”. The most special and easiest runoff from the hill is with the Libegő (Chairlift). Underway the whole city unfold in front of you. 

Szent Istvan Park
This hidden place is perfect especially for families. The Park has two parts: a smaller with kindergarten and a bigger one, which is a beautiful garden with fountains and amazing flowers. The approach of this place is not complicated, you just need to go to Jászai Mari Square and it is just five minute walk on the street next to McDonald’s, the Pozsonyi Street, at the end of the walk you straightly run into the Szent István Park. Next to the Park there is a lovely restaurant, the Duna Park, here you can have an ice cream, a coffee or anything what you want. Otherwise the whole area is family friend and safe. There are lots of restaurants, pastry shops, café shop and lovely little shops in the district. Advantage for dog keepers; next to the Park there is a safely fenced and well equipped dog running too.

Danube Cruise
The river that is separating Buda from Pest is very important in the life of the people of Hungary. In old days they even arranged balls on the ice! Now they no longer arrange such things, but with a boat you can enjoy a nice trip on the Danube. There are many different options and ways to do such a trip, but we really do recommend that everyone try it out. It is for sure best to do it in the evening so that you can enjoy the illuminated buildings and bridges, but it is of course possible to do Danube Cruise during daytime. There are trips everyday at 14:00, 19:00 and 22:00. Dinner is served on all trips (buffet) and on the 19:00 boat you can enjoy live gipsy music in addition. The boat leaving at 22:00 is a beautiful possibility to enjoy a romantic candle-lit dinner!


JTC Coaches Interviews

Barry Greer Head Coach U20

Where were you born and where did you grow up the majority of your childhood?
I was born in Cobourg, Ontario, moved to Belleville Ontario at age 18 and I have lived here ever since

When did you get into ball hockey?
I started playing in the Belleville men's league after I moved to Belleville. It was a sport that was not available when I lived in Cobourg. 

Where did you gain the passion for the sport?
Probably when I coached my first Provincial game for Belleville for my son's Tyke team about 15 years ago.

Who were some of your biggest influences in your life that helped you growing up with the sport?
Rick Carr, President of Belleville Minor Ball Hockey was a team mate back in the days when I started playing. He started up the minor system in Belleville and when I had kids it was natural for them to start playing at a young age.

What turned you on to competitive ball hockey? How old were you when you played/participated in your first tournament?
My kids played rep ice hockey all winter and wanted to play rep soccer in the summer. No way I was going to chase them around the province all summer too. I found not only the shorter season and less travel attractive with ball hockey but the different rules and fact that so many different strategies and systems could be used in ball hockey appealed to me more as a coach. My kids were Novice and Tyke ages at the time. 

How did you get involved with the Junior Team Canada program?
After coaching rep at the provincial level every year and at the National level three times my wife and I watched our 2 boys play for Team Canada in Europe. It was after this that I decided that applying for a coaching position was something I would like to do. I believed I had the ability and the experience to be successful at that level. 

There is a lot of work to get done, what do you think your team will have to do to get this done?
Everyone must start by communicating and getting to know each other, then study and practice systems and plays, then work together and settle into a role on the team while the whole time developing an attitude that we are the greatest. Then to remain the greatest everyone must communicate more, study and practice more, work together more and want to accept more responsibility in order to be even greater then great.

What's your goal for the Junior program next summer and for future years?
My goals is to win a Gold Medal at the World Championships in Budapest in 2014 with the U-20 Canadian team. As long as I stay involved with ball hockey, my health stays good and I feel I give value to the team as a coach then I would love to continue coaching at a high level. I appreciate the opportunity that I has been trusted in me so far.

Do you think Canada has the talent to win the gold medal?
Of course I do, we feel we have the most skilled team we could put together and don’t lack talent, but we still need to have determination and work ethics. We will find a way to get it done!

Scott Jacobi Head Coach U18

Where were you born and where did you grow up the majority of your childhood?
Born – Toronto East York
Raised – Brampton
First ball hockey - Beeton

When did you get into ball hockey?
I got involved as a player in 2002 in Beeton

I began coaching in 2004 in Beeton and attended 1st Provincials as a coach (and as a player) that year 

Where did you gain the passion for the sport?
I’d never even heard of ball hockey until I moved to Beeton and was introduced to the game by my neighbours Carlo Carlucci & Steve Dockerty. I’d played ice hockey all my life and immediately enjoyed the game, and with my involvement in the Beeton program, I quickly grew passionate about the sport and improving our Association. 

Who were some of your biggest influences in your life that helped you growing up with the sport?
Carlo & Steve were my neighbours and got me involved as a player, and subsequently an official and as an executive. Our shared vision on running the league and developing players and the program fed my passion. 

What turned you on to competitive ball hockey? How old were you when you played/participated in your first tournament?
My first playing tournament was at the 2004 Masters Provincials First Provincials as a coach were the 2004 tykes 

How did you get involved with the Junior Team Canada program?
Administratively I was responsible for our Provincial program which had improved steadily thought my tenure to the point where we are now recognized as a dominant Centre at all ages.

Teams I’ve coached in Beeton have had good success at the Provincial AA level (winning AA gold in my last 4 provincials 2 PW & 2 Bantam). In 2010 I coached and won at the Provincials, Ontario Summer Games, and National Championship in the same summer, and coincident with the JTC application process, Steve Dockerty suggested I apply to coach. In 2012 I was named to the JTC U16 staff for my first participation in the program, winning Bronze.

There is a lot of work to get done, what do you think your team will have to do to get this done?
Success at the Worlds will depend on a few key elements

- Players need to assume responsibility to attend in peak condition
- Players need to be comfortable with each other and become a Team
- We’ll need to be good enough to get lucky

Until we play our first exhibition games and camp opens, individually players will need to focus on getting in shape and reaching out to all of their teammates, the sooner we get to know and be comfortable with each other, the sooner we can start to think and act as a team. 

As a coach, I will continue to have regular communication in the hopes of keeping everyone informed, up to date, and in contact.

What's your goal for the Junior program next summer and for future years?
The goal is simple, to win GOLD!

In terms of the program, I think there have been a number of rather significant administrative changes this time round not the least of which is allowing the coaches to have significant impact on the selection of the roster, thereby creating a team of 22 that fulfill roles and specialties on the floor, rather than simply being the top players. It is my hope that success at World’s will prove this to be a good decision, and allow for its continuation in future years.

Individually, aside from helping the guys win gold, my goal is to try and not cause too many problems and remain a part of the program for years to come helping to do what I can to improve and advance the program. 

Do you think Canada has the talent to win the gold medal?
Compared to my team in 2012, this team is significantly improved.

The competition is always strong, and this year there may be many teams we have never seen, but I would be surprised if there was a team anywhere in the world that has the depth of talent and skill sets that can compare to this U18 team. Talent and skill however are just the foundation and do not alone guarantee victory, it is my hope and belief that this group of players also have the character, discipline, and commitment necessary to complement their talent that combined will ultimately bring Canada home a gold medal (that and some decent officiating!)


WJC 2014 Budapest, Hungary

The top players representing Canada, India and USA will travel to the beautiful host city of Budapest to challenge athletes from the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia at the U20 and U18 WJC June 26-29.

The schedule will be released shortly before the tournament as confirmations are awaited from other European nations.

More news to follow.


WC 2015 Pittsburgh, USA

The WBHF brings its marquee event to the great city by the three rivers.  Many only know Pittsburgh as a steel town and for its famous football team, the Steelers.  The city is rich with cultural significance in the arts and cuisine, featuring beautiful water fronts and a vibrant downtown core.  It is one of America’s hidden secrets.

The city and surrounding communities also boast one of the strongest regions of dekhockey (ball hockey) in the USA, producing some of the best American players for many years.

Early projections have 20 nations participating in the Men’s WC.  In addition, the Women’s WC will offer the largest international tournament ever with 12 nations expected to compete.

The week-long event will revolve around USA’s Memorial Day in late May.

Further details will be released in the coming weeks.


WC 2017 China

The WBHF is committed to bringing the world ball hockey stage to the Orient in its latest effort to grow the sport.  High level discussions are underway with government officials to prepare for the hosting of this significant event.

It is expected that for the first time, several long playing nations in the Orient will finally have an opportunity to challenge for world supremacy.  This news has also peaked interest from Australia.

Further details will be forthcoming over the coming months.


'The Masters' Are Coming!

The eyes of the ball and dek hockey world will be in Hungary next October for the Master’s Over 40 World Championships and in the United States of America next September for the North American Masters Championships and the World Ball Hockey Federation (WBHF) welcomes its member nations and teams to 'The Masters'.

‘The Masters’ will be offering three divisions of play:

Europe - Men’s Over 40 (exception two players 38 years of age and older)

USA – Men’s & Women’s Over 35

Both Europe and USA have been known for visitors to have good fortune and wonderful memories and ‘The Masters’ will be no different as the city welcomes the ball hockey world. Those new to the cities will appreciate the beauty of each which will make the tournaments even more enjoyable.

Each city has the trendy bars & nightclubs, educational museums, delicious restaurants and much more. The tournaments will welcome the best Master’s age players which will have world-wide interest in the tournament.

The teams, their fans and the ball hockey world will enjoy the hospitality, new friendships and life long memories as the sport unites the world.

We look forward to working with the USA Dek Hockey and Hungary Ball Hockey Associations and look forward to meeting the teams, families as the ball hockey community comes together at ‘The Masters’, World Master’s Championships.

Domenic Di Gironimo
World Ball Hockey Federation President

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